Skin care for your skin type (Ayurvedic)

We covered types of skin in the previous post ( If you haven’t read it or if you have no idea about your skin type read this –  skintypes ). Now let us learn how to take care of it. Skin care is never limited to external applications alone. It is the combination of what... Continue Reading →


Know your skin type.

This is a small topic I would like to write about before further entering into the skin care guide. In future we are going to discuss a lot about topics like keeping your skin healthy, keeping it youthful, radiant etc. But, before going into those interesting topics we should have the basic idea about our... Continue Reading →

Understand your prakrithi !

Ayurveda is an ancient science of medicine, Our science of medicine. To explain in a very simple way,It has a different way of assessing the nature of body. This nature or type is called prakrithi.It is the combination of 3 doshas called – vata – pitta – kapha We can discuss about these doshas and... Continue Reading →

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