The ultimate hair care guide!

There are certain hair care rules which you have to follow no matter what! If you follow these steps regularly, your hair turns healthier than ever and grows dark and long 🙂 Be it summer heat or winter dryness, your hair has to survive rough weather along with horrible pollution around us. How much ever... Continue Reading →


Head to toe bridal routine for the bride to be!

Here is a unique bridal routine for every girl who dreams about being the best bride ever and wants to be perfect and radiant in bridal glow head to toe.  The article which you are about to read is the combination of both ayurvedic and modern skin care in one place for your perfect bridal... Continue Reading →

Secrets of Shiro-abhyanga (head massage)

Many ayurvedic doctors keep this procedure a secret. Why? Because this is a technical way of massaging oil and only trained therapists in panchakarma centers can do this perfectly. So, why am I telling it out? Because not everyone can afford their time or money to go to therapy centers for oil massage regularly and... Continue Reading →

Know your skin type.

This is a small topic I would like to write about before further entering into the skin care guide. In future we are going to discuss a lot about topics like keeping your skin healthy, keeping it youthful, radiant etc. But, before going into those interesting topics we should have the basic idea about our... Continue Reading →

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