How to improve concentration?

At one point of life there comes a situation where we all pray for better concentration. Let it be to concentrate on your studies or concentrate on your work. When your concentration levels are improved you can grasp much faster and be productive, hence you will be successful and content. Here are 11 tips and... Continue Reading →


The ultimate guide to have success and life under control !

How to get success in life ? Many of us feel that our life is out of control sometimes, especially working moms or students who do part time jobs or a full time home maker trying to pursue her hobby. Whatever the situation may be the quick points mentioned below will help you a lot... Continue Reading →

Understand your prakrithi !

Ayurveda is an ancient science of medicine, Our science of medicine. To explain in a very simple way,It has a different way of assessing the nature of body. This nature or type is called prakrithi.It is the combination of 3 doshas called – vata – pitta – kapha We can discuss about these doshas and... Continue Reading →

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