Best breakfasts for weight loss (Indian)

For perfect weight loss we need perfect diet. Skipping meals or reducing the amount of food for reducing the weight or burning fat is a myth, In turn it affects in the opposite way by hindering your metabolism. So, how to cut numbers on your weighing scale without dieting? First step as you guys all pretty much would have figured it out by now, eating a healthy breakfast.

Eating a healthy breakfast fills you up after your whole fast of the night and kick starts your day with energy filled body. By having a quality diet in the morning it reduces the body cravings of eating more food during the day.

Research shows 96% of slender people never skipped eating a healthy breakfast. (Conducted by Cornel University)

First thing to do after waking up is hydrating yourself with glass of water as we wake up dehydrated.

The magic calorie number – 400 calories

Before I write about the actual breakfast items I am going to list out foods that can be incorporated in your diet. Read more


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