Skin care for your skin type (Ayurvedic)

We covered types of skin in the previous post ( If you haven’t read it or if you have no idea about your skin type read this –  skintypes ). Now let us learn how to take care of it.

Skin care is never limited to external applications alone.

It is the combination of what you eat and how you spend your day along with what you apply.

Let us combine our skin type along with ayurvedic type. (Do read the post ‘Understand your prakrithi’ to know your body type)

Normal skin – you have all doshas balanced / you have pitta dominance in your body

Dry skin – Vata dominance

Oily skin – Kapha dominance

Combination skin – Vata and kapha dominance.


There are certain things to be followed by every person regardless of your skin type..Read more


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