The ultimate hair care guide!

There are certain hair care rules which you have to follow no matter what! If you follow these steps regularly, your hair turns healthier than ever and grows dark and long πŸ™‚ Be it summer heat or winter dryness, your hair has to survive rough weather along with horrible pollution around us. How much ever... Continue Reading →


How to improve concentration?

At one point of life there comes a situation where we all pray for better concentration. Let it be to concentrate on your studies or concentrate on your work. When your concentration levels are improved you can grasp much faster and be productive, hence you will be successful and content. Here are 11 tips and... Continue Reading →

Secrets of Shiro-abhyanga (head massage)

Many ayurvedic doctors keep this procedure a secret. Why? Because this is a technical way of massaging oil and only trained therapists in panchakarma centers can do this perfectly. So, why am I telling it out? Because not everyone can afford their time or money to go to therapy centers for oil massage regularly and... Continue Reading →

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